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Burnout and What You Can Do to Stop it

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For many sales professionals, 2017 has been an incredibly vigorous and fruitful year in closings.  Working in direct sales is a challenge.  Customers demand clear communication, sufficient attention, and extremely kind and pleasant interactions.  For many agents being “on” all the time is physically and emotionally draining for even the most seasoned reps.   What is…

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Rockstar Tools: Homesnap Part 2

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Do people know that you are a real estate agent?  Do you have a recognizable brand?  It is important to note that the key for an effective brand strategy is to pick one and then stick with it consistently.   Often when I sit down to train agents, they are overwhelmed by the many marketing options…

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Closing Gift Ideas: Pup Cakes With Okra and Molly

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Here at, we are big fans of discovering new ways to help clients celebrate their new home.    Selling or purchasing a home is a huge occasion!   The event should be something that everyone in the family should be involved in… including your dogs! We stumbled across this company while looking for unique…

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Closing Gift Ideas: A Clean Start with The Optimist Co.

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  Are you looking for creative gifts for clients? We found the perfect products that would make great closing gifts. The product is practical, and your clients are guaranteed to love it.   The Optimist Co. creates cleaning supplies with all-natural ingredients and without irritants. That makes these products especially ideal for people who suffer…

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Your Essential Summer Prospecting Checklist

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Many agents have enjoyed a busy spring, and now are planning a few quick vacations this summer to enjoy the “fruits” of their work.   BUT before you head out for a few weeks at the beach… May we remind you… via GIPHY   Here is our simple checklist for making sure you do not…

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Leap To Improve Customer Service

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  Our team just returned from #SMXWest.  This great conference was an eye opener for many emerging digital trends.  Surprisingly the most prominent theme that stood out was that no amount of flashy tech, widget or landing page can fix the user end and experience with the product/service.   Which leads me to my next statement……

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What March Madness and Your Marketing Strategy Have In Common

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Who else loves watching March Madness? I thoroughly enjoy the fast-paced intensity of this tournament. Anything can happen: there are upsets, amazing comebacks, excited cheers, and disappointed moans. A lot of the emotions and dynamics of March Madness can also relate to your marketing strategies! Let’s take a closer look:   Competition March Madness is…

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How Slack Can Help Improve Your Team’s Communication

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 “Slack it to me” is a common phrase across workspaces at our ListingDepot office space. This tool has changed the way we work for the better, and we thought what better way to share the love, than a little Valentine’s Day tribute to one of our favorite apps! There’s a reason why Inc. Magazine voted…

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3 Ways To Get More Online Reviews

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In my latest article, I discuss the importance online reviews have for your business. The next step of developing business is to have people review your business and continually get new reviews. So, how do you get people to review your business?   Ask This is simple! Ask your customers if they would please review your…

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Would You Benefit From Hiring an Assistant?

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Overwhelmed? Have you been wondering if you would benefit from hiring an assistant? Check out these tips before you hire help. For assistants to be successful they need structure and clear guidance. Are you having a busy moment or a busy year? Consider if there is actually a high enough workload to keep the other…

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